Dell OptiPlex 3050

Today we are looking at some cool tech from Dell. Dell launched their new OptliPlex 3050 Desktop, it comes in three form factors a tower, small form and a micro form.

OptiPlex 3050 Tower, Small Form Factor and Micro

OptiPlex 3050 is a perfect desktop which gives you the most power and opportunity to grow with your business. With its compact design, ultra-sleek look, powerful performance and an abundant USB connectivity, OptiPlex 3050 offers more productivity that will lead to success.


OptiPlex has an excellent processor and sufficient memory to run all your critical business softwares. Moreover, it offers a lot of power to multitask and run all your necessary programs. Intel® 7th generation processors allow for the fastest OptiPlex yet with support up to Core™ i5. To add on in providing an amazing experience, OptiPlex 3050 offers a 4GB dedicated / optional graphic card. OptiPlex 3050 is an easy to manage desktop that is designed to meet any challenge or professional need.


The Dell OptiPlex 3050 comes in three form factors including Tower, Small Form Factor and Micro which gives you plenty of sizes to choose from to fit your office’s needs.

Display and Design

Dell OptiPlex 3050 offers a versatile suite of stand and mounting options to tailor your workspace to max out on productivity and allows you to stay flexible. All the versions of OptiPlex 3050 offer HDMI as a standard port.

Tower and small form factor offer Eight External USB Ports and Micro form factor offers six USB ports which provide you with many options for plugging in external devices like flash drives, scanners and card readers.


Dell’s desktops offer the best in class solutions addressing data protection, identity assurance, and threat protection.With TPM, chassis intrusion switch, Dell Data Protection and cable covers for certain form factors; OptiPlex 3050 will make you work more and focus less on security risks.

Apart from that, OptiPlex 3050 is backed by ProSupport Plus which provides 24×7 expert help for hardware, software challenges, accidental damage and other security issues.