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Chrome for Android
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Chrome for Android 

Chrome and Android are certainly Google’s best products in the recent history. Chrome has gone to become the second largest browser next to Internet Explorer, and Android has become the largest smartphone OS. But its been a puzzle why Google never released Chrome browser on the Android. The default browser that…

Android Apps

Virtual drop box 

Spectacular launch of the drop box application for Android gadget has proved to be an awesome solution, which has mesmerized large section of population. It is a well known fact that the predecessor of the drop box in Android gingerbread version, experienced minor irritants which…

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The World of Android Apps [Infographic] 

An excellent infographic from the Android blog Givemedroid showcases the world of Android apps. The distribution is fairly even between mainstay apps like Flashlight Lite and Task Killer. Amusingly, Angry Birds has it’s own island- unsurprising, as the bird-slinging juggernaut of a game has over…

Android Apps

News360 Now Available On Android Phones 

Until recently, News360 had only been available on Android Honeycomb tablets, however a new versions has been released for phones. News360 acquires over 4,000 news stories as arranges it in a user friendly stream with pictures. Later this summer, News360 will introduce a new cross-platform content personalization mechanism based on interests…

Android Updates

HTC EVO 3D Gets For HTC Watch 

The HTC Watch app on the HTC EVO 3D has now been updated, according to user mikephenix in the Android Central Forums is fixes a small issue the EVO 3D had with syncing and also a wake issue. Just go to Settings>System updates>HTC software update to update the device.