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Best Buy Brings Out Music Cloud 

Early this morning BestBuy announced that they would be releasing a Music Cloud service that would be available on Android, IOS and also Blackberry devices. The service aims to provide music easily from just one upload. The most basic package called “lite” allows web streaming, along…

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How To Install Android on HTC HD Mini 

1.Download Android https://www.rapidshare.com/files/297….2011_r106.rar http://ge.tt/8YnRog4?c 2.copy the files from the folder named for_sd_card to the root of SD card 3.run HARET_PHOTON7227 4.wait 5-10 min… to be continued… Big thanks for Cotulla & other developers involved in this project ! Note:THIS PROJECT IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT,YOU CAN…

Android Phones

The Best Android Phone 

As the Android Platform grows you will begin to see phones that push the line, by this I mean they don’t just simply release a phone that runs Android, they release a phone that uses Android to become better, now this could be via custom…